Install Boei on Shopify

Boei can easily be installed on your Shopify store. You won't even need a developer. It is super simple!

Step 1. Log in to Shopify

Open Shopify and click on "Online Store" just below "SALES CHANNELS".

Step 2. Open themes

Click on "Themes". Here you see an overview of all your themes (look and feel) of your shop.
Find the Current theme (probably at the top) and click "Actions", select here "Edit code".

Don't worry, what we are going to do is very simple and straight forward. You won't even need a developer.

Step 3. Select the right file

Well, this is an easy step. Find and click the file names "theme.liquid"

Step 4. Add Boei one-liner

A file view opened up on the right side. This may look intimidating, but don't worry are just adding 1 line 💪

Scroll down to </body> which is almost at the very bottom.

Here you add the following line just above that </body> element.

<script async defer src=""></script>

Step 5. Save

Click at the right top on "Save".

Step 6. Set up domain

Set up your domain name in Boei. See steps.

Step 7. Finish with a test

Test your Shopify store to see if the Boei button shows up. Congrats, you are done!

Make sure that your domain name is setup in Boei.

Have questions? Contact us via the Boei button anytime.

Last updated: Aug 16, 2021