All-in-one solution

All the features you need to turn visitors into customers

Boei helps businesses in any country deliver stellar support and get leads on auto-pilot.

Works in any (multi)language

Every piece of text your customers see is adjustable with different languages.

Keeps your site fast

At 10KB, Boei's script is 300 times smaller than the regular chat scripts.

Built-in analytics

Get insights about the leads and test what is working best to increase them more.

Privacy friendly

Boei doesnโ€™t track nor collect personal data. Also, it does not use cookies and is fully compliant with GDPR, and other privacy regulations.

Kick-ass built-in Forms

Engage your customers right as they are browsing your site.

Itโ€™s up to you to decide. But below, you can see examples of forms where it works really, really well.

Feedback form widget

Feedback form

Capture customer feedback without leaving the page. You can share entries with email, Slack channel, or webhook (e.g., for Zapier).

Newsletter Sign-Up Form widget

Newsletter Sign-Up Form

Get more signups to your newsletter by adding a registration form directly in Boei. You can connect the data retrieved with your newsletter service using webhooks.

Contact form widget

Contact form

Build-in contact form so visitors can ask questions without leaving the page. It contains several configurable fields and an optional GDPR checkbox.

Call-me-back form

Call-me-back form

This call-back form is an all-purpose call-back form. You can collect names and numbers to reach out to potential customers who need support.

All text is easily customizable

Send results to your email or Slack

Customizable fields

Webhook integration with 1,000+ services





Trusted by 10,000+ tr.businesses

Quick 5-min, no code setup

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