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For hobbies


Features Included:

1 Domain

2 Channels

20 leads /mo

Standard design

Set desktop / mobile variation

Limited statistics


For small businesses

$ 15 /mo

$ 20 /mo

Everything in Starter, plus:

1 Domain

Unlimited Channels

Unlimited leads

Customize design

Premium channels

Display channels as QR code

Set Call to Action message

Hide channels when Out of office

Set preset messages to Click to Mail & WhatsApp

Hide on pages

30-day statistics


For growing businesses

$ 40 /mo

$ 50 /mo

Everything in Premium, plus:

2 Domains

WhatsApp with multiple agents

Send Forms to Slack or Webhooks

Custom CSS

Remove Boei branding

Google Analytics (coming soon)


90-day statistics


Widgets for your clients

$ 100 /mo

$ 120 /mo

Everything in Ultimate, plus:

No domain limit, the first 5 domains are covered

+ 15/month per additional domain

Create sub-accounts (clients)

Branded admin panel


For large businesses, get SAML Single Sign-On, enterprise-level support, custom contract, payment via invoice/PO etc.

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Starter Premium Ultimate Agency
Number of Domains
1 1 2 No limit (First 5 domains included + $15/mo per additional domain)
Number of Widgets
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Leads
20 /mo Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Channels
2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
5K /mo 100K /mo Unlimited Unlimited
Boei Forms
Set desktop / mobile variation
Set Call to Action message
Display channels as QR code
Set preset messages
Built-in Analytics
limited 30-day retention 90-day retention 90-day retention
WhatsApp with multiple agents
- -
Send Forms to Slack or Webhooks
- -
Google Analytics integration (coming soon)
- -
Share visitor data
Out of office
Custom CSS
- -
Collaborators (users)
1 1 5 5 per domain
Remove Boei branding
Facebook Group WhatsApp & email WhatsApp & email WhatsApp, email with highest priority

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