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For hobbies


Features Included:

1 Domain

2 Channels

Up to 5K views /mo

20 leads /mo

Design your widget

Set desktop / mobile variation

Limited statistics


For small businesses

$ 15 /mo

$ 20 /mo

Everything in Starter, plus:

1 Domain

Unlimited Channels

Up to 100K views /mo

Unlimited leads

Display channels as QR code

Set Call to Action message

Hide channels when Out of office

Set preset messages to Click to Mail & WhatsApp

Hide on pages

30-day statistics


For growing businesses

$ 40 /mo

$ 50 /mo

Everything in Premium, plus:

2 Domains

Unlimited Channels

Unlimited views /mo

WhatsApp with multiple agents

Send Forms to Slack or Webhooks

Custom CSS

Remove Boei branding

Google Analytics (coming soon)


90-day statistics


Widgets for your clients

$ 100 /mo

$ 120 /mo

Everything in Ultimate, plus:

No domain limit, the first 5 domains are covered

+ 15/month per additional domain

Create sub-accounts (clients)

Branded admin panel


For large businesses, get SAML Single Sign-On, enterprise-level support, custom contract, payment via invoice/PO etc.

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Starter Premium Ultimate Agency
Number of Domains
1 1 2 No limit (First 5 domains included + $15/mo per additional domain)
Number of Widgets
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Leads
20 /mo Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Channels
2 Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
5K /mo 100K /mo Unlimited Unlimited
Boei Forms
Set desktop / mobile variation
Set Call to Action message
Display channels as QR code
Set preset messages
Built-in Analytics
limited 30-day retention 90-day retention 90-day retention
WhatsApp with multiple agents
- -
Send Forms to Slack or Webhooks
- -
Google Analytics integration (coming soon)
- -
Share visitor data
Out of office
Custom CSS
- -
Collaborators (users)
1 1 5 5 per domain
Remove Boei branding
Facebook Group WhatsApp & email WhatsApp & email WhatsApp, email with highest priority

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