Connecting Boei with 1000+ other services (such as CRM systems, mail services)

You can link the widgets with the other software you already use such as Mailchimp or Shopify.

How this works

We will use Boeis webhooks and a glue service.
You will need a glue service to connect Boei with the other service. Example services are Zapier, Pabbly, and Integromat.

In the glue service you add the webhook and then connect it also with Shopify or your desired service. That way the glue service will “catch” Boeis webhook/message and turns it into data in Shopify.

You connect each Shopify field with a value from Boei (This is simple, for example: Email = Email).

Example flow

  1. A customer fills in the widget form
  2. Boei validates results and sends a webhook
  3. The glue service captures the webhook from Boei
  4. The glue service executes a flow. (such as creating a new subscriber in Mailchimp)
  5. Done

Video setup

Here is a video setup of a customer of Boei (starting at 11 min 30) that is using glue service Pabbly. It is in Spanish but the subtitles and the screens explain quite a lot.

Direct integrations

Boei will provide direct integrations with some key systems in the future. You can request a direct integration on Boei's feedback portal.

Feedback Questions

Last updated: Jan 17, 2022