Call me Back Button Widget for Website

This call-back form is an all-purpose call-back form. You can collect names and numbers to reach out to potential customers who need support.

With Boei, you can create a call me back widget for your website within minutes. It is super simple!

This is how it will look like:

🏗 Installation

Step 1. Install Boei on your website

See Installation Guides

Step 2. Create helper in Boei

It is super easy to set up your call me back form.
You can customize all the texts.

⚙️ Options

Add name field

You can add a name field to capture the customer's name. To display, fill in a text in the optional field (e.g. "Name").

GDPR or other privacy related checkbox

Boei can add a GDPR or other privacy related checkbox.

  • To display, fill in a text in the optional field (e.g. "I agree with the privacy policy").
  • This field allows markdown, so you can add a link to your privacy policy page.
  • When the field is displayed, users must check the box before submitting the form.

Receiving the results

You can send the results to email, Slack, or a webhook.


Send the Boei results to Slack. The required Slack settings are explained in this article.


To other services (e.g. CRM system, mail service, etc)

You can connect Boei to 1000+ other available services. This article explains how you can set it all up.

Boei will send a webhook that looks like this:

    "timestamp": "2021-05-14T13:56:26.692392Z",
    "gdpr_checked": "true",
    "name": "Ruben",
    "phone": "06212762551",
    "when": "In 15 mins please",
    "page_title": "Example page",
    "page_url": ""

Prefill fields for customers

It is possible to prefill name fields (if turned on). This way customers don't have to repeat their name to reach out.

To enable this, you only need to add a hidden field to your page. You should fill the value(s) in your website/application.

<input type="hidden" value="Mr Test" id="boei_prefill_customer_name" />

Give it a test to see if everything is set up correctly.

Done! 😀

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Last updated: Jan 16, 2023