Why it's important to chat with your visitors via their favorite channels

Ruben Buijs

Founder & Digital Consultant

Written on Feb 3, 2021

Updated on Sep 14, 2023

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Are you struggling to find customers? Are your leads and sales not what they used to be? The times are shifting, along with customer expectations which means your marketing strategies need to adapt. Instead of pushing customers to chat the way that's most convenient to you, you want to find a way to converse on your customer's favorite communication methods. In this post, we'll help cover some of the benefits of using a multi-channel communication application and how it can impact your company’s ability to grow.

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    Reaching customers faster in a new Digital Age

    Did you know that it can take customer service representatives more than 10 hours to respond to social media or 12 hours for email responses? In this day and age, customers expect a faster and personalized experience from brands in the forms of communication that they use every day.

    Finding ways to connect with your customers in a timely manner is essential to your business's success. If you can't help customers when they need it and where they need it, they'll choose an alternative option over your business. Unfortunately, this means that you'll miss out on potential customers and sales just because you couldn't create that connection with your customer.

    For example, if a customer visits your website for a few minutes but is on Instagram all day, they might prefer to communicate directly through Instagram. This is because they're already on this application, checking notifications and reading messages. By connecting with your customers where they want to be contacting, you're creating a personal connection, generating leads for your company, and ensuring potential leads receive your messages.

    Why online customer chat tools are essential

    Online chat tools are vital because they help agents meet customer demands while increasing revenue. Most customers want personalized customer service. They want to be listened to and don't want a robot answering all of their questions. Instead, they want customer service reps to be able to say hello and converse on their preferred communication method.

    The most recent Gladly Customer Expectations Report shows that adding personalization to online customer chat tools not only has a positive impact on the experience of your customers and the preparedness of your agents but also drives revenue and success to your business.

    Live chats requires you to reply to the message instantly, or your customer is gone forever. However, by making other platforms like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat more accessible, you're able to continue that conversation with your customer instead of losing them when they leave your website!

    Using an application like Boei allows support teams to efficiently and conveniently interact with potential customers, allowing them to choose the way they want to be contacted.

    Offer stellar support and increase conversions

    It's hard to find the time to respond to all of your customer service inquiries or be able to instantly reply to live chat at all hours of the day. With so many communication channels available, it's a weakness in your customer acquisition strategy not to allow customers to choose their preferred contact methods. We'll help cover some of the benefits of using Boei, and how it can impact your company's ability to grow.

    First of all, Boei looks like this:

    1. Increase conversions on your website

    One of the main reasons why you create your website and social media is to increase the number of conversions you receive. With Boei, you can increase conversion rates by revamping your customer service and support methods.

    When customers begin to browse through your content, they will have questions about your services and products. When you create an easy way to communicate with your customers, you make it easier to help answer their questions or receive feedback, creating a faster process to convert potential customers into paying customers. Even if you can't continue the conversation at that particular moment, you're opening the doors for future communication.

    Boei supports various integrations, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Google Maps, Email, Skype, Direct Call, Instagram, Intercom Chat, Crisp Chat, Twitter DMs, Snapchat, Links, Line, Viber, Calendly, Twitter Page, Facebook, and more!

    2. Build trust with your audience

    Customers are worried about purchasing products and services from companies they don't have a connection with or know much about. One of the biggest hurdles you'll face in your business is finding ways to create relationships and build trust so that customers feel comfortable enough to invest in your business, products, or services.

    When visitors contact you through different channels (like Facebook Messenger), instead of just filling out a form, it allows for more personal conversations about what exactly is needed from your company and gives them the opportunity to either request information or set up appointments right then and there!

    Customers no longer need to go through a tedious process of finding the contact information for your company and then filling out another form. With Boei, it's all done in one place. In just a few simple clicks, your visitors can set up a future time to chat on the platform that's right for them.

    3. Reduce The Cost Of Support

    Whether you're a big business trying to find a more efficient way of using human capital, or you're a struggling business trying to make ends meet, you're going to want to try to reduce the cost of support.

    Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on different integration campaigns or widgets that take hours to set up, you can find everything you need in one application with Boei. Plus, set-up is simple, which decreases the amount of human capital required to get you up and running!

    4. Stand Out from Your Competition

    It's no secret that it can be tough to get customers interested in your company. With so many companies trying to grab their attention, how will you make yours stand out from the rest?

    One way is by offering your customers a unique experience. Customers today have been programmed with instant gratification and want it as quickly as possible. So by having an option for them on your website where they can chat on their favorite form of social media, instead of only having the choice to fill out a contact page, you're more likely to capture a higher amount of your traffic.

    Boei works by triggering a call action next to your button to remind your visitors to reach out. This is just enough to get their attention without overwhelming them with a ton of pop-ups or messaging. Plus, you have the option to customize this application with your company colors and messaging to make it your own!

    5. Track Your Interactions

    Boei is a great way to track the interactions you have with your website visitors. You'll be able to get weekly reports with your button that tell you about the exchanges or the number of clicks you've received with your button. Why is this important? If you notice that certain days or timeframes have a higher amount of traffic, this can help you adjust your staffing hours or availability to meet customer demand and increase conversions.

    6. And there is more…

    There are various forms you can work with to customize the way your customers interact with your webpage. The top four include:

    • Feedback Form: Ask your guests how they're feeling about your products or their overall experience on your page, without even leaving the page they're visiting. This is a quick way to gauge how your customers feel and what your company can do better. The results will be shared with your slack channel, webhook, or via email.

    • Contact Form: With a contact form, you can allow customers to send an email or subject field with the questions they have for your business. The text is entirely customizable, and results can send to your email, Slack channel, or a webhook.

    • Newsletter Signup: When customers visit your page, they won't be harassed by pop-ups that obstruct what they're reading. Instead, they'll have a gentle reminder to sign up for a newsletter in a clean, easy-to-understand format. All results are sent to your email, Slack channel, or a webhook.

    • Call Me Back Form: Make it easy for your customers to schedule a call with your team using this form. You can customize the form to ask whatever information is essential to know before a phone call occurs. All results are sent to your email, Slack channel, or a webhook.

    Get started with Boei today!

    I’m here to help you get started with Boei. With Boei, you’ll be able to guarantee that your website visitors can contact you through their preferred channel and that the conversation continues even after they've left your site. Getting a lead doesn't have to be difficult, especially when it's on autopilot!

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    Ruben Buijs

    Ruben, the founder of Boei, leverages over a decade of consultancy experience at Ernst & Young to optimize lead generation. Boei specializes in converting website visitors into qualified leads. Outside of work, Ruben is passionate about crossfit and enjoys gaming occasionally.

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