Orangebeard Increases Leads via More Channels with Boei

LocationThe Netherlands
Tags Technology
Increase Leads

What they wanted

Orangebeard is a flexible SaaS solution that connects all your automated test tools. The software uses machine learning to help you understand test output, provides insights into what has happened, and determines what actions are needed.

Orangebeard wanted to provide more contact options to their customers, capture more leads and improve newsletter signups all in one go. They used to have email and telephone contact channels, but their customers wanted more. Also, letting customers subscribe to newsletters was challenging while not overflowing them with popups.

What they said

"Boei integrates all possible chat, mail, and call applications in a very accessible way. It helps us to create a simple but beautiful contact button on our websites without external help."

"Ease of setup and expansion. The low-threshold way for a professional and extensive contact button. A complete look for your website."

Marcel Hogenhout
Managing Director Orangebeard

What we did

Orangebeard installed Boei, which was very straightforward to do for them. After installation, Orangebeard added many more contact options to their website: Chat, Call-me-back, Messenger, Whatsapp, schedule calls/meetings, and signup for the newsletter. They were creating an all-in-one customer contact widget.

What we achieved

Boei lowered the barrier for their website visitors to make contact or ask a question. After using Boei for about three months, Orangebeard sees more signups popping in. Their Boei widget has helped them connect with many more prospects on the channels customers want.

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