Cat hotel gets 30% more Leads with Boei

CompanyLuxe Kattenhotel
Tags Hospitality
Increase Leads

What they wanted

Your beloved cat deserves a real vacation too. Give him or her time to relax, be pampered, and play. This 5-star cat hotel with a luxurious cat restaurant provides a loving stay for your favorite pet.

This cat hotel wants to build a chain of cat hotels. They wanted to capture as many leads from website visitors as possible to grow their business.

What they said

"It's super easy for end users to contact us using Boei. It's clear and extremely user-friendly."

"It's super easy to install Boei. With the drag and drop editor, I was ready in only a few minutes."

Koen Rens
Owner Luxury Cat Hotel

What we did

The cat hotel installed Boei, which was "super easy". After installation, the business added many more contact alternatives to its website: Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, Call you back, Call us, Waze address, and Google Maps address. They also designed the Boei widget to fit their brand in several effortless steps.

What we achieved

After using Boei for over two years, the cat hotel gets 30% more leads. Their Boei widget matches the desired level of personalization that their clients pursue and makes it a no-brainer to reach out to the business. We believe the cats liked the Boei widget too, but we don't capture human/cat statistics.

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