Chat with customers via their favorite channels to offer stellar support and increase conversions

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No coding required. For free. Takes less than 5 minutes.


No coding required. For free. Takes less than 5 minutes.

Trusted by 3,174 people from all over the world

Did you know that visitors refrain to contact you because they cannot find the communication channel they like? Also, visitors leave your site without converting. These are problems to grow your business.

Boei helps you to chat with your website visitors via their favorite channels.

You can even keep the conversation going even after they’ve left your website. Visitors can also contact you through their preferred channel and you can generate leads on autopilot.

Get more leads and calls

Customers will easier and faster reach out to you. Have direct contact over WhatsApp or Skype instead of slow emails.

5-min installation

Install Boei on WordPress, Shopify, Ghost, HTML, and many other platforms -- you won't even need a developer!

Keep the conversation going even after they’ve left your website

You can keep in contact with visitors after they left your website. Increase your conversions by building a relationship.

Best for: Marketing teams and business owners looking to get more leads and offer better support

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Facebook Messenger

Twitter DMs



SMS / Text Message


Telegram Messenger




Website chat integrations








Live Agent


Social Profiles

Facebook Page / Group


Twitter Page

LinkedIn Page / Group

YouTube Channel

Zalo Profile


Direct Call / Click to Dial





Book Like a Boss




Google Maps


+ more to come
Is your channel missing? Let us know

+ Kick-ass built-in widgets

Boei has several superfly built-in widgets. For example, you can use the newsletter widget to make an easy newsletter signup form. You can send signups to Zapier, a webhook, or your email.

Feedback form

Build-in form to capture customer feedback without leaving the page. Results can be shared with your email, Slack channel, or webhook (e.g. for Zapier).

Contact form

Build-in contact form so visitors can ask questions without leaving the page.

Newsletter signup form

Get more signups to your newsletter by adding the newsletter signup form directly in Boei. You can connect the data retrieved with your newsletter service using a webhook.

Call me back form

This call-back form is an all-purpose call-back form. You can collect names and numbers to reach out to potential customers in need of support. Also, you can collect the customers' preferred date and time information.


Supports all languages

Every piece of text your customers see is adjustable.

Catch customers attention

Trigger a call to action next to your button. This reminds visitors to reach out to you.

Hide options when asleep

Hide specific helpers (e.g. phone, WhatsApp) when you are out of the office.

Get insights

Get weekly reports about the clicks and interactions with your button.

Customize your design

Match Boei with your brand. Set your images/logo, color, position, and more.

3,174 Boei buttons make 311,657 visitors happy

It's a light-weight, easy to set-up and use. It increases conversions by talking to visitors on their favorite channels. Above this, it's also cookie-free and GDPR proof which makes it more light-weight and secure.

Nitesh Manav 🇮🇳

Very happy to give 5 Stars for this plugin. Over 70% of my business enquiries are coming from Smartphone users based on my Google Analytics. Boei allows those users to contact me on their preferred social Channel with one click...

Fran Tully 🇮🇪

Very easy to use chat plugin for WordPress. Great help to connect your chat settings to your WordPress website. Therefore, lightweight in use. Finally, did this plugin integration allow you to set up the chat in all different ways to fit the website.

Renaat 🇧🇪

A couple of weeks ago I added this new widget to my blog ( and apparently, that was the trick to get people to join my newsletter!

Dan Schoonmaker 🇺🇸

Definitely much much better than live chat plugins. It's working very well! I started to make sales right after I installed this. Thanks

Ibrahim 🇹🇷

Easy setup, lightweight (I checked... 5.5 Kb) and really practical. Boei is like a swiss army knife to connect with your users.

Jordi 🇪🇸

Doesn’t track nor collect any personal data.

Boei respects the privacy of your visitors. Your traffic data is not used for any other purposes. You fully own and control 100% of your data.

No cookie banners or GDPR/CCPA consent needed.

Don't you hate that your users need to click a consent button before they can chat with you? Boei does not use cookies and is fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, PECR, and other privacy regulations out of the box.

Lightweight script which keeps your site speed fast.

Boei's script is 300 times smaller than the regular chat scripts. Your page weight will be cut down, your site will load faster and your visitors will stay more focused.

Integrates seamlessly with your website

Install Boei on WordPress, Shopify, Ghost, HTML, and many other platforms. You won't even need a developer. It is super simple!

Or, add one line of code to your Html:

<script async defer src=""></script>

Boei is free forever. You only pay for cool additions

Premium features

Photo / logo as button

Set icon

Set shape

Business hours

Advanced CSS customization

Remove "by Boei"

Boei's Premium plan


No coding required. For free. Takes less than 5 minutes.




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