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Connect with more leads on autopilot

Customers can reach out on the channels they like. Have direct contact over WhatsApp, Skype or any of the other 50+ channels.

Keep the dialogue going even after they’ve left

You can keep in touch with visitors after they leave your website. Increase your conversions by building a relationship.

Lightweight script keeps your site blazing fast.

Boei's script is 300 times smaller than the regular chat scripts. Your page weight will be cut down, your site will load faster, and your visitors will reach out faster.


"It's a light-weight, easy to set-up and use. It increases conversions by talking to visitors on their favorite channels. Above this, it's also cookie-free and GDPR proof which makes it more light-weight and secure."


Nitesh Manav


"Very happy to give 5 Stars for this plugin. Over 70% of my business enquiries are coming from Smartphone users based on my Google Analytics. Boei allows those users to contact me on their preferred social Channel with one click..."


Fran Tully


"Very easy to use chat plugin for WordPress. Great help to connect your chat settings to your WordPress website. Therefore, lightweight in use. Finally, did this plugin integration allow you to set up the chat in all different ways to fit the website."



Boei integrates with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and many more channels.

Works on any site

Add 50+ contact channels to your site without coding

Provide visitors the ability to communicate how they prefer.
Select the channels you need to turn visitors into customers (WhatsApp, FB Messenger, voice, chat, links, forms, etc).
Integrates with live chat too.

Explore channels

Display as QR code

Display a QR code when your customers are browsing on their desktops. For example to scan a WhatsApp QR on their phone.

Set Out of office

Not able to assist your customer in the evening over the phone? With out-of-office, you can set your business hours and hide channels when you are offline.

Device variation

Some channels just work better on mobile and others on te desktop. In Boei you can configure per channel if it should display on mobile, desktop, or both.

See in action

Explore use cases

Explore, pick, and customize templates to your needs.

Kick-ass built-in Forms

Turn visitors into fans on auto-pilot.

It’s up to you to decide. But below, you can see examples of forms where it works really, really well.

Feedback form widget

Feedback form

Capture customer feedback without leaving the page. You can share entries with email, Slack channel, or webhook (e.g., for Zapier).

Newsletter Sign-Up Form widget

Newsletter Sign-Up Form

Get more signups to your newsletter by adding a registration form directly in Boei. You can connect the data retrieved with your newsletter service using webhooks.

Contact form widget

Contact form

Build-in contact form so visitors can ask questions without leaving the page. It contains several configurable fields and an optional GDPR checkbox.

Call-me-back form

Call-me-back form

This call-back form is an all-purpose call-back form. You can collect names and numbers to reach out to potential customers who need support.

All text is easily customizable

Send results to your email or Slack

Customizable fields

Webhook integration with 1,000+ services

Works in any language

Be available 24/7 in your local language

Be available 24/7 in your local language with Boei.


At 10KB, Boei's script is 300 times smaller than the regular chat scripts.

Privacy friendly

Boei doesn’t track nor collect personal data. Also, it does not use cookies and is fully compliant with GDPR, and other privacy regulations.

Boei skyrockets self-service by offering quick helpers

Reduce support requests

Skyrocket self-service by offering quick helpers

All-in-one solution

All the features you need to turn visitors into customers

Boei helps businesses in any country deliver stellar support and get leads on auto-pilot.

Supports all languages

Every piece of text your customers see is adjustable with different languages.

Catches attention

Trigger a call to action next to your button. This reminds visitors to reach out to you.

Built-in analytics

Get insights about the clicks and interactions with your button.

Custom branding

Match Boei with your brand. Set your images/logo, color, position, and more.

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  Works on any site in 5 mins        No coding required

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