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Increased Reach

By enabling contact through SMS on our Gatsby platform, you can reach a wider audience as SMS is a widely used and preferred communication channel by many customers. This helps in expanding your reach and potential customer base for lead generation.

Higher Engagement

SMS has one of the highest open and response rates compared to other communication channels. By leveraging our Gatsby platform for SMS contact, you can ensure higher engagement with your leads, increasing the chances of converting them into customers.

Quick & Convenient Communication

Contacting leads through SMS on our Gatsby platform offers quick and convenient communication. SMS allows for instant delivery and reading, ensuring that your messages are seen promptly. It also provides a convenient way for leads to respond and engage with your business, enhancing the overall lead generation process.

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Discover the power of Sms on your Gatsby site


In today's fast-paced digital world, businesses understand the importance of staying connected with their customers.

While emails and phone calls have been the traditional means of communication, the rise of mobile phones and messaging apps has opened up a new avenue for businesses to engage with their customers - through SMS.

With the increasing popularity of SMS as a preferred communication channel, businesses are now leveraging this platform to provide seamless and convenient contact with their customers.

SMS offers several advantages for businesses seeking to enhance their customer communication strategy.

Firstly, SMS boasts an incredibly high open rate, with almost 98% of text messages being read within minutes of delivery.

This ensures that your messages are likely to reach your customers promptly, making it an ideal channel for time-sensitive announcements, promotions, and important updates.

Moreover, SMS provides a direct and personal line of communication with customers.

By leveraging SMS, businesses can establish a more intimate connection with their audience, fostering trust and loyalty.

With the ability to send personalized messages, businesses can tailor their communications to suit individual customer preferences and needs, enhancing the overall customer experience.

Additionally, SMS offers a wide reach as it is accessible on all mobile devices, regardless of the operating system or internet connectivity.

This makes it an inclusive and versatile platform, ensuring that businesses can connect with customers across a diverse range of demographics and technological preferences.

To make the most of SMS as a customer contact channel, businesses can integrate it into their Gatsby platform.

Gatsby, known for its comprehensive website widget, empowers businesses to engage with customers on over 50 different channels seamlessly.

By integrating SMS into the Gatsby platform, businesses can streamline their customer communication efforts, ensuring a consistent and unified approach across various channels.

Businesses leveraging Gatsby's SMS integration can easily send and receive messages, answer queries, and provide assistance to customers directly from their platform.

This not only simplifies the customer communication process but also eliminates the need for switching between multiple applications or platforms.

With all customer interactions centralized in one place, businesses can effectively manage their SMS conversations, saving time and resources.

In conclusion, SMS presents a powerful opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers in a direct, personalized, and efficient manner.

By integrating SMS into their Gatsby platform, businesses can effortlessly manage their SMS communications alongside other channels, ensuring a cohesive and effective customer contact strategy.

With SMS on Gatsby, businesses can foster stronger customer relationships, enhance brand loyalty, and ultimately drive business growth.

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Text messages are short, written electronic messages sent between mobile devices. They have become an integral part of communication, with over 5 billion people worldwide using them daily. In 2019, the average American sent and received 94 text messages per day, while in the UK, the average was 65 texts per day. Additionally, text messages have a 98% open rate and are read within three minutes of being received, making them an effective means of communication for businesses and individuals alike.


Gatsby is a static site generator that boasts impressive performance gains, with websites loading up to 2x faster. It offers 2000+ plugins, allowing for easy customization and integration. With a growing community of 50,000 developers, it has been adopted by 25% of the top 10,000 websites.


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"I'm a tech noob, but Boei was super easy to install on my site.

I've added several options for contacting me through different channels, links to questionnaires / contact forms, and links to my socials...

It's so much more than just a chat button, which is awesome!"



"Boei is the superglue that bonds together our communication with our leads and customers, in the channels they most value.

Boei is simple to setup and easy to use. Ruben and his team are responsive and always available to help!

Our team loves Boei and we highly recommend you take a look how Boei can help up your communication game!"

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"How is this possible?
I have been searching for a service like boei, without success for over a year.

Boei just works. It works so well I was suspicious of it for nearly a whole week, sending endless texts and emails to myself in utter disbelief, when it failed to keel over!

Set up is straight forward, easy and takes minutes.
Seriously, I cannot recommend Boei enough."

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Without code, you can deploy 50+ channels for lead generation, like Whatsapp, contact or quote form, callback request, as well as Facebook messenger and many more.

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Customize Boei for each campaign or page. Experiment and find what works!

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With 50+ channels and countless settings, you always set the perfect tone for your audience.

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Gatsby & Sms FAQ

To add Sms to your Gatsby site, you can use Boei, a website widget that enables customer chat on multiple channels including Sms. Simply sign up for Boei, obtain the Sms channel integration details, and add the provided code snippet to your Gatsby site's HTML files or through a Gatsby plugin.
Yes, there are several plugins available for integrating Sms functionality into your Gatsby site. However, using Boei is a more versatile option as it enables customer chat across 50+ channels, including Sms, without the need for additional plugins. With Boei, you can manage all your customer interactions in one place.
Adding a Sms widget to your Gatsby site can be beneficial if you want to provide your visitors with the option to communicate with you via text messages. Sms is a popular and convenient communication channel for many people, and by adding a Sms widget through Boei, you can offer a seamless and efficient customer chat experience.
Any business or individual who wants to provide their Gatsby site visitors with the ability to communicate through Sms should consider adding a Sms widget. This can be particularly useful for businesses that rely on customer support, sales, or any form of real-time communication. By integrating Boei's Sms widget, you can easily engage with your customers and prospects, enhancing their experience on your Gatsby site.
Text Messages are short messages sent from one mobile device to another. They are widely used for personal and business communication.
Text Messages are one of the most popular forms of communication, with over 5 billion people using them globally.
Offering Text Messages as a contact option can improve customer satisfaction and make it easier for them to reach your business. It also allows for quick and convenient communication, as many customers prefer texting over other forms of contact.
To connect your website to Text Messages, you can use Boei, a website widget that enables customer chat on 50+ channels. Boei makes it easy to add Text Messages as a contact option on your website and manage all your customer messages in one place.
Gatsby is a modern website development framework that uses React.js to build fast and optimized websites. It combines the latest web technologies to provide a smooth and seamless website building experience.
The cost of using Gatsby depends on various factors such as hosting, customizations, and additional services. Boei, being a website widget, does not have any direct cost associated with Gatsby. However, you may need to consider the expenses related to hosting and any customizations you require for your Gatsby website.
Yes, Gatsby is considered a highly efficient and reliable platform for building websites. It offers features like fast performance, excellent developer experience, and efficient content delivery. Boei can enhance your Gatsby website by enabling customer chat on multiple channels, allowing you to provide instant support and engage with your website visitors effectively.

Free Sms plugin for Gatsby turns visitors into customers

Communicate via Sms with your Gatsby visitors to convert them into loyal customers. Start for free today.



Trusted by 100+ Gatsby sites

Quick 5-min, no code setup

Jordi Ibrahim Dan Renaat Fran Nitesh
While live chat is great for direct, synchronous conversations, it requires both parties to be online simultaneously. Boei supports asynchronous communication across more than 50 channels. This means customers can reach out when it's convenient for them and businesses can respond when they're able. Boei also offers the flexibility to proactively start conversations and present a wide range of interactive content to engage visitors.
Boei is a perfect complement to live chat. Not all customers prefer live chat - some might want to send an email, make a phone call, or reach out on social media. Boei caters to all these preferences by offering multiple ways for customers to connect with you. Additionally, Boei allows you to proactively engage visitors with custom messages, FAQ questions, callback forms, videos, and more.
Social media is an important channel for customer service, but it's only one of many. Customers have different communication preferences, and Boei caters to these by offering 50+ channels to connect with your business. Plus, Boei centralizes these communication options in one place, making it easier for you to manage.
Boei turns your website into a proactive customer engagement tool. By offering your customers multiple convenient ways to connect, you can answer their questions and address their concerns more effectively, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased conversions. The ability to proactively display messages and content can guide visitors towards making a purchase.
Absolutely. While Boei supports 50+ channels, you can choose to use only one if that suits your business best. But remember, Boei is more than just a contact tool - you can also use it to display custom messages, videos, and various forms to engage visitors proactively.
Boei is designed to initiate interactions with your customers across multiple channels. However, it does not provide a way to manage responses centrally. Each platform you connect to Boei will have its own way of managing and responding to customer interactions. The goal of Boei is to provide a versatile tool that enhances your website's ability to engage visitors and turn them into leads.