Advanced installation

Boei knows which button to load based on the domain name. But, what if you want to run multiple buttons on one domain? Sometimes you may want to load a specific button directly.

For this, you can use the advanced installation method. Note that you need to have access to your HTML code.

Instead of using the Boei WordPress plugin or this generic simple and small code:

<script async defer src=""></script>

You need to copy the "advanced" code that you can find in your button's settings. It will be something like this:

<script src="" async samesite="none"></script>

This code is created uniquely for your button. Click on "advanced" to get this unique code.

Note that Boei now disregards the domain names that are setup. Feel free to delete those.

Have questions? Contact us via the Boei widget anytime.

Last updated: Aug 16, 2021